Meet the A Team – Barry Paterson, Managing Partner

My name is Barry Paterson. I’m the Managing Partner at ‘A People Recruitment’ and here’s my story.

Determined Early Life

I was born in Bedfordshire England, and moved to Yorkshire at a very young age. As a schoolboy I raced motocross although being somewhat vertically challenged I spent more time falling off than winning. That said, I always got back up, on and away again, and this was the scene weekend after weekend, year after year. It was enormously great fun to compete, and I believe it instilled two traits that  have been tested on numerous occasions thoughout my adult life. Determination and, even when it looks utterly pointless, perseverence.


"A People Recruitment's" Managing Partner Barry Paterson

"A People Recruitment's" Managing Partner Barry Paterson

Building Bridges, Well, Kind of

I left school and went to the local tech college in Scunthorpe, North Lindsey, to study a diploma in building and civil engineering, and left three years later. By this stage, I’d already decided that a career in construction was not something I was going to pursue, and the very next day (and yes, I mean the next day) upon graduating, I set off for London on the National Express for a career in sales.

London in the late 80’s was a defining period in my life. It was exciting, and there was a charge of energy running through the city, which I can still feel when I visit. I began my career in South London working for a re-seller of garden buildings. Eventually, I moved in to IT recruitment working for the  inimitable Gary Goldsmith at Computer Futures.

Looking back to those years, I realise that I took risks, ( although many uncalculated and not particularly considered), that led me to opportunity after opportunity, mostly beneficial and never boring!


The Computer Futures Years

I spent seven years at Computer Futures, always working in contract services. Within three years, having built a very successful desk in the Thames Valley region, I was asked to move to Dublin with a colleague, Lorne Knight, to establish Computer Futures Ireland. Lorne and I had tremendous fun building their business here. Between 1998 and 2001, I built a contract team of 10 recruiters, who in turn built a portfolio of 165 contractors running, and gross profit of €3.0m per annum, replicated by Lorne in his permanent recruitment team. I’m proud of that era, moreso because some of the people we introduced and trained in recruitment have now gone on to run Irish recruitment businesses such as Morgan McKinley, Real Time, and e People.


Always Connected Online World

Over the last few years I have been involved in online publishing, and event management for the software and technology industry in Ireland, and have met and forged very valuable relationships with software developers right up to CEO’s.

In the summer of 2011, I re-entered the IT Recruitment market to found A People, which is backed by Fortune 500 Avnet Inc, based in Phoenix, Co. Arizona. The deal was brokered by a former client who himself has alturistically helped countless entrepreneurs in Ireland (always be nice to people, you never know when they might help you!).


Best Placed So You Reach Your Best Place.

My remit for 2012 is to build a succeesful IT recruitment business which can sustain 12 recruiters, placing around two hundred developers. My three year vision for A People is to make it the leading IT recruitment company in Ireland, based on the number of people we help progress their professional careers. But it’s not just about placing people in jobs. Moreso, our service is built on respect, integrity and service excellence, and we believe IT professionals, candidates and employers, will recognise that at A People, they will receive a much more attentive and thus, rewarding experience.

My team and I look forward to working with you, and invite you to get in contact with us to discover how we at A People are best placed to get you to your best place!

In my leisure time, which is normally now restricted to weekends only, I like to watch F1 and anything with two and four wheels, listening to music, learning guitar, growing my own veg, cooking, baking, and reading, mainly educational, self-improvement type material.  I live in Greystones with two goldfish, Shauna and Michael, which my daughter named after her first creche leader and a boy in her class (note to self, ‘one to watch!’). To keep fit, I like to run, and have competed in numerous marathons, half marathons, 10k’s and sprint triathlons, the latter which I greatly enjoy. Currently, I do not have a TV.

I believe that everything happens for a reason at exactly the right time, which eventually reveals itself at, again, exactly the right time.’

Until then, best regards



2 Responses to “Meet the A Team – Barry Paterson, Managing Partner”

  1. Tim Muzio says:

    Barry was my first manager in recruitment when I joined the industry in January 2000.

    The first thing that struck me when I first met Barry was his drive and passion to recruit the ‘best way’. Up until this day I still use some of his techniques when I enter the recruitment process with any candidate or client.

    Barry was a leader, motivator and great mentor for me to learn from but he also gave me the discipline that I needed at the time to make sure I did the right thing. Not only did I have an experienced and well respected manager I also joined a team that was one of the best I have worked with and continually produced results off the back of Barrys training and guidance.

    As the market contracted in 2001 Barry created a siege mentality that got us through the hard times which over the years I benchmarked myself against when I was leading various teams.

    In essence, Barry is a great guy and recruiter and someone who I consider to owe a portion of my success to within recruitment over last 12 years.

  2. Karen Ingram says:

    Barry is a salesman with an outstanding track record of personal performance that speaks for itself. But alongside that is an amazing ability to teach and develop people. I would highly recommend him as a great teacher / mentor to anyone wanting to start or further their career in the field of IT recruitment.

    I consider myself extremely lucky to have had such great training and mentoring from him. Barry was and still is a total inspiration to me. Somehow he made every day at work fun, no matter how hard the lessons were or what targets we had to achieve. And achieve we did!

    As my manager I found him easy to work for as he was clear and direct and was extremely generous with his time, always being on hand when I needed his guidance.””

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