Developers, Do Your Recruiters Work With You Like This??

Your career is, arguably, the single biggest area of your life that can either positively or negatively affect the long term security of both you and your family.

We all want to have a successful career, and we all need a little help, now and then, to help us get a fresh perspective and approach. When I set up A People Recruitment for Avnet, it was on the proviso that ‘outcome’ and not ‘income’ was the over-riding objective of our business. We believe that by introducing excellent software developers to employers that excel in career development as well as customer technology, is the best reward possible.

We take exceptional care and responsibility of uncovering the career aspirations of the people with whom we work. After all, one career, one chance. You might be able to change jobs, but you can’t go back and have a second go at the time already spent! So it has to be right.


The following reference was received by a Java Developer who we recently introduced and managed the recruitment of for one of Ireland’s most revered technology companies. It encapsulates how we view our responsibility to you and your career.

“I just wanted to re-iterate my appreciation of the way you have handled the process of dealing with my new employer leading to a most satisfactory conclusion for everyone!

I’ve dealt with agencies in the past and not one of them put as much effort into discovering and understanding my requirements as you have done. Most tend to focus on those of their clients and use a scatter gun approach in the hope that something sticks.

I hope to keep in touch through the Irish Software Developers’ Network website, and I’ll certainly be recommending A People to colleagues and friends in the future.”

Thanks again

[Name withheld.]


Of course, the result of the A People service level is not only important to software developers, it is also very, very important to employers. It goes without saying that when our software clients secure A grade developers, the injection of talent means their team becomes more effective, innovation and creativity ensues, and product is developed more quickly. Faster delivery means more market, more sales, and more growth.


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